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Patch Notes
Patch Contents - Fixed Room Scaling and Texture Resolutions for multiple levels so the game is no longer blurry - Fixed major game breaking bugs such a...
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Don't Die II OST The official soundtrack composed by none other than grundge-electronic artist J.J.F himself! Go check out his soundcloud! We look forward to wo...
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Expansion Pack 2 Changes
The second and was to be upcoming expansion for Don't Die II "Rosenwill" has been put out onto the curb and instead will be incorporated into a potential planne...
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Rosenwill DLC Release Change
News Update (Rosenwill) Greetings! Turns out my personal life is really getting in the way of development for the Rosenwill DLC, that being said I need to delay...
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Beyond Emporium Released
Beyond Emporium Update Yes, Beyond Emporium is finally out and released! Will be releasing some patches and bug fixes in the coming weeks. If you encounter any...
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Expansion 1 Development Update Log
News on Development & Release Hope everyone has had a great valentines day! Quick development update on the first Expansion, we will be shooting for a March 1st...
Beyond Emporium Expansion Dev Update
Development Update We hope that everyone is enjoying Don't Die II! Have you already finished the campaign and awaiting for the continuation of the story? We hav...
Official Release!!!
Release! Don't Die II is now officially released! We apologize for the two-day delay on the launch, we had to fix some critical bugs and issues. We will be cont...
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