Official Release!!!


Don't Die II is now officially released! We apologize for the two-day delay on the launch, we had to fix some critical bugs and issues. We will be continuing to optimize the game with patches and updates to keep the experience as perfect and bug-free as possible! We at Skylocke Games hope that you enjoy our 2.5 years of development on this game! 

Future Updates?

Want more Don't Die II content? You do not have to wait long for we have our very first expansion pack 'Beyond Emporium' coming soon sometime in March (release date will be announced soon!). We will also continue to patch our game as often as needed to keep things running  as smoothly as possible.

Will the Soundtrack be available to download? the not too far future we will be releasing the Soundtrack  on our game page! Our featured composer is J.J.F. with some help from some public composers and content creators so you can expect the soundtrack to be free!

Will the game ever cost money?

No we will release all future expansions for free, however, we are still deciding if we are going to port over Don't Die II from GMStudio 1.4 to GMStudio 2, which will allow the game to have better overall performance and will possibly feature a new expansion along with improved animations and textures  which will most likely cost around $1.99.


Don't Die II [Base Content] 131 MB
Jan 24, 2018

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Just played through the entire campaign, it was not bad at all, definitely a huge step from your first shitty installment. Was challenging but not impossible, took me about 45 minutes to complete w/errors so that is a good length, however, 2 and a half years of dev to only achieve 45 minutes of game play seems a little off. I love how your adding new expansions for free but make sure they are actually good and continue what story there is.