Expansion 1 Development Update Log

News on Development & Release

Hope everyone has had a great valentines day! Quick development update on the first Expansion, we will be shooting for a March 1st release, so be on the lookout for that. Development is pretty much closing up and the expansion is mostly done, however we have plenty of bug fixing to do.

Future of Skylocke Games?

As of January 22nd, most of the people that collaborated with me have abandoned the development of the game, as of right now I am the only person who is actively working on the game. This may sound like bad news but I have plenty of time to work on bringing new content and can work on the game faster since I wont have to push new builds to the other folks who were collaborating. The rest of the lifespan of the game will be solely developed by me, and potentially future games. This may sound like bad news but this actually gives me more creative control over the content that is developed and release. I have some plans on the future direction of Skylocke Games and have some ideas for the next big project that I am going to be working on! Cyclops Run was developed by just two people, Andrew M. and I, and that was released way back in 2012, and with this game, I want to expand on the DD/CcR universe on possibly start development on the next Cyclops Run game!

Potential Game Overhaul?

Pretty much the current soundtrack of the game was composed solely by me, but there are one or two tracks that were composed by someone else as open source music. I want to overhaul the entire audio engine and replace everything with my own music. That is to be seen in future updates, and there will also possibly be a completely new texture overhaul which will significantly improve in-game graphics and textures. 

- Canyon F. (Founder)

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