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You wake up in a strange place. You do not remember anything or what happened to you. With no clue where you are, and now idea what you are up against, you must find your way through the mysterious facility and escape to figure out who you are and what happened to you! 

Don't Die II will take you through massive levels to explore and wild areas to conquer. Join the protagonist as you look at the universe from a  skcolbs' point of view. Don't Die II is in the same universe as our game Cyclops Run. 

What Don't Die II has to offer over the first installment

Don't Die II offers enhanced game play and mechanics unlike the first installment of the series. On top of that, there are tons of massive levels with immersive details and puzzles to figure out. This game also adds true lore as you figure out where the hell you are and how to get out! Don't Die II will be our biggest project to ever release in our 5 years of developing games (in which 2 you really ever got to play). This game will be 10 times bigger and more challenging (but interesting) than Cyclops Run! 

Also, pretty much everything in Don't Die Please! is not canon to DDII's plotline, however, you can treat DDP! as an introduction to the skcolb race and the galaxy in which DDII and CcR takes place in. 

Standard Edition [Expansion 1 Included in base game!]

  • Full Campaign (1hr)
  • Beyond Emporium Expansion Content (35min) 

Listen to OST 


Install instructions

First Download

  • Just hit install and go through the download process.

Updating the Game

  • Delete the old game files and re-install the game


Don't Die II [PATCH] 172 MB
Dont Die II OST 202 MB

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