Patch Notes

Patch Contents

- Fixed Room Scaling and Texture Resolutions for multiple levels so the game is no longer blurry

- Fixed major game breaking bugs such as not being able to progress 

- Updated and Improved some Textures

- Simplified Main Menu Screen (will be improved in future patch)

- 'Beyond Emporium' expansion has been seamlessly merged with the main story 

- Fixed bugs regarding using the ships in the Expansion Levels

- Made small improvements and changes to some levels

- Removed the 2nd level entirely from the game

- Fixed some audio issues where the audio would not play correctly in some levels

- Removed some game assets that were unused to decrease file size

Future Patches

- Will fix the play button not working correctly in the main menu

- Adjust some in-game volume and add new background noises to some levels

- Fix issues regarding enemies clipping through walls

- Improve mesh around character sprites

Future Updates

- Add a Level Selector Menu

- Redesign the Main Menu

- Add support for MacOS 

Note: No new content will be added to the game as the 'Beyond Emporium' expansion is now merged into the main game. All future content will be included in the next game installment. There are still some issues with the Main Menu where clicking the Play button does not work properly and honestly I cannot figure out why it will not work and will do my best to figure out the problem as fast as possible. Expect the next patch to be released sometime early 2019 and info on the next installment sometime in 2019. 


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Dec 03, 2018

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