More Ambition!

The studio have made a decision to push back the release date of this game. We are still shooting for a January release but instead we are going to launch it on  January 22nd of 2018. The full game will release at the end of February. The reason for this is that we want to continue to expand on the already story rich game and have a smoother setup for Don't Die III which will be the final installment of the Don't Die Series. We also decided to change the different versions of the games which will be listed below. Don't worry this game will be released for sure next month and we cannot wait for you guys to get your hands on it. 


Standard Edition <January 22nd 2018>

  • Full Campaign (1hr)
  • Survival Gamemode

Expansion 'Beyond Emporium' *March 2018*

  • Full Campaign (1hr)
  • Beyond Emporium Expansion Content (1hr)

Expansion 'Rosenwill' *June 2018*

  • Full Campaign  (1hr)
  • Beyond Emporium Expansion Content (1hr)
  • Rosenwill Expansion Content (2hr)

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